Amanda McCabe

Independent Celebrant

If you're reading this, you've taken the first step in creating your perfect ceremony. You've probably got some idea of what you want - or what you don't!


We've all carried out an 'inquest' following a significant event. Sometimes it's such a success we know we'd like to offer the same wonderful experience. Sometimes though, we come away feeling it could have been so much better. 

Attention to detail is essential for events to run smoothly and it is the personal touch only a fully bespoke service can deliver that leaves a lasting impression.

For me that personal touch is what makes any occasion and I love providing it.

I'm a people person: I love meeting everyone and seeing what makes them tick. I also love sharing my passion for English: extracts, poems, readings etc. and helping people choose what to include in their ceremony. Or supporting with writing vows, tributes and such. And when it comes to helping select music, I'm in my element!

Being a celebrant is immensely satisfying and a great privilege – to know that I have helped someone is incredibly rewarding, whether in times of sadness and loss or happiness and joy.

Through getting to know you personally I can offer the service that speaks to you emotionally.


Be unique - go BESPOKE

bespoke ceremonies
bespoke ceremonies
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