Traditionally, babies have been welcomed into the family through baptism in church. However, these days many parents choose not to do this, for a variety of reasons. It may be that you have no particular religious beliefs, or you may wish the child to make their own decision when they are older. Whatever the reason, a Naming or Welcoming Ceremony is the perfect alternative for receiving a child into the family.

The ceremony gives you the opportunity to affirm your love and commitment to your child through your personal vows. You choose what you want to include – readings, poems, music etc. or you might choose to include a specific ritual. If you wish to include hymns or prayers, that’s fine too.

You can appoint adult ‘protectors’ (or whatever you may wish to call them) who will swear their own oath of commitment, just like Godparents.

The ceremony is a lovely way of welcoming an adopted child into the family. It is also a delightful bonding ceremony for step-children.

Adults can have a Naming/Welcoming Ceremony too.

You can hold your ceremony anywhere, anytime to make it a truly individual affair. Perhaps you want a very personal ceremony with close family at an intimate venue, or maybe you fancy a grand affair to celebrate your new addition.

Whomever you're welcoming we can create the perfect, personal ceremony just for you.

Baby Naming/Welcoming

bespoke ceremonies
bespoke ceremonies
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