When a loved one dies, it is an emotional time for all. You may struggle to cope with conflicting emotions, and letting go with love and sensitivity is a difficult process.

it is important that the funeral is handled with care and allows relatives and friends to focus on what made your loved one special. A Bespoke Ceremony will help you celebrate their life and the life you shared together.

At a time when you are struggling with grief and can feel overwhelmed by everything, the personal touch is comforting. In getting to know you I can offer the service that speaks to you emotionally and brings comfort to you and those around you. I want to get to know your loved one and help create a service that honours them and celebrates their life. It is a precious moment and I want to make sure it is unique to you.

You are free to choose the content and structure of the service. You will want to reflect the beliefs of the person you have lost and may wish to include some traditional aspect such as prayers or hymns, or you may want to create a service that is less traditional, or totally unconventional. You may have a specific ritual you wish to include.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure of a totally meaningful and personal ceremony.

You may want family or close friends to say farewell with an active role through readings, poems, personal tributes or music etc. You may wish to write your own tributes or choose from a selection of poems and readings. It is your choice.

Whatever you decide, together we can ensure that your loved one is remembered in a fitting individual tribute.

bespoke ceremonies
bespoke ceremonies
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