Congratulations - you’re getting married!

You’re busy planning the big day. A lot of thought has gone into how you look, who your bridesmaids will be and how they’ll dress. The venue. Lots to think about. And you want your wedding to be different from all your friends, right?

You could be married by a registrar at a licensed venue – and there are some lovely ones out there. But… you will have a time limit on the service. And… the service will follow a general format.

However, with a Bespoke Ceremony, you can be different. A simple register office marriage with two witnesses is all you need to be legally wed, then you are free to have a unique ceremony with family and friends wherever and whenever you choose.

Maybe you want to have an evening wedding, or even later. Or perhaps at dawn. A marquee in the garden or a grand hall. An intimate restaurant or farmer’s field: there are so many options. Why be restricted by convention? Why compromise?  You can have the ceremony of your choice, you can be unique.

You may wish to incorporate some tradition or you may want to be completely unconventional. Grand.  Or modest. Perhaps you want hymns and prayers. Maybe readings and poems. You may have special people you want to involve, or a ritual that is special and meaningful for you: the possibilities are endless.

Make your day truly unforgettable. Together we can create a ceremony just for you.

bespoke ceremonies
bespoke ceremonies
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